Paper Stargazer Lily Flower: Collection Of The Best Handmade DIY Tutorials

Paper Stargazer Lily Flower: Collection Of The Best Handmade DIY Tutorials

Stargazer Lilies are some of the most fragrant cut flowers in the bouquet. The starburst pattern formed by the petals makes this a popular bloom for both dramatic and romantic arrangements. The  blooms are long-lasting, keeping their color, shape, and fragrance for much longer than other, more delicate cut flowers.  I always have stargazer lilies in my flower bouquet.  When the stargazer starts to wilt, the pollen falls off and gets everywhere.   You can make your own paper stargazer lily that will last forever.

The Stargazer Lily

Some species of lilies are present in funereal arrangements, representing the soul of the loved one that has passed. The Easter Lily is an example of this. They are the birth flower for May and represent the 30th wedding anniversary. One species of lily, the alstroemeria, symbolizes devotion and true friendship. Pink Stargazer lilies symbolize prosperity, while Lilies of the Valley are the flower for 2nd anniversaries.

Paper Stargazer Lily Tutorials

Stargazer lilies are popular in paper crafting. If you would like to make paper lilies, here are some excellent tutorials to get you started.  A paper stargazer lily can require intricate work to reproduce the stamen. Also, few lilies are a solid color, and will require some additional painting or coloring. Websites such as Lia Griffith and Icing Images have some beautiful patterns for paper lilies, with very clear instructions. Here are some more sites you may be interested in.

Printable Paper  Stargazer Lily

The tutorial from Instructables has a free downloadable template with petals that already have colorful patterns.   You can also cut them from solid colored paper for a monochromatic theme, but they won’t be Stargazer lilies then.

It’s best to use regular paper when you print this template so that you can shape the petals easier. Cut everything out and glue them together so that you have yellow on both sides. You should end up with 5 stamens. Make the red tips, curling them with a toothpick and glue them to the stamens.

The petals are numbered, so match up the numbers to get your 6 petals. There will be 3 narrow ones and 3 wide ones. Make a stem out of green paper.

Now, you will place the 5 stamens in one end of the stem and glue them into place. Take each petal and cut a small slit into the base of each. Wrap the petals around a pencil or other item to create the classic paper lily curl. Now, you can glue the petals to the stem by wrapping the two tabs around the stem and gluing them down. Glue the 3 wide petals first, evenly spacing them around the stem, then attach the 3 narrow petals the same way, but alternating with the wide ones. You will cover all of this work with the strip of green, then attach the leaf!

Image from

Paper Stargazer Lily for Gift Decor

This paper stargazer lily pattern is perfect for a table setting or as a decoration on a package. The instructions by Joanne-mainlyflowers call it a “no tool” lily, but you certainly do need tools to make this beautiful bloom. First, cut out the petal shapes from paper and color them as you like.  You’ll make 6 petals and 3 leaves for each lily.

Now, you will use your paper punch to punch out two 6-petalled flowers. Cut off every other petal, leaving 3 evenly spaced petals attached to the center. You can also just use 3 of the same petals you made earlier and glue them to a small circle.  The circle will give the petals support.

Curl the petals down the length of the petal first, then curl the tip down. Glue the lily petals that you have colored so nicely to the flower base that you trimmed to 3 petals (or circle with 3 separate petals). You should have two sets of 3 petals. Then, rotate one and glue them together so that the petals alternate.

To shape the leaves, use a creasing tool to draw “veins” in each of the leaves. It will curl the leaf, giving it just the right curve and texture.

To make the stamen, color a piece of paper green on both sides and cut it into fringe. Then roll the base of the fringe up around a needle and glue it tight. Place the base of the fringe into the center of your petals and spread out the stamen, trimming them to the length you want. Place a little bit of glue on the end of each one to create the “blob” you see on the flowers.

Using a ball tool, draw little circles in the center of the paper lily, this will make the petals stand up. Once it has reached the openness you want, put a drop of glue in the center and stand the base end of the stamen fringe in the glue. Add the leaves behind the bloom, and you have a beautiful paper lily!

Image from Joanne-mainlyflowers

Watercolor Lilies

PaperPendulum has a great tutorial that creates the beautiful petals of the paper stargazer lily with watercolor.  You will need watercolor paper for these beautiful lilies. Cut 5 petals out of watercolor paper and, with your water colors, paint them to look like lilies. This pattern does not have you color both sides, but it would look better if you did.

Once you have the 5 petals painted and dried, take your scrap paper and make five or six narrow strips about the width of a match stick. Color them yellow on both sides. These are the stamen.

Make a stem out of several pieces of floral wire that you have wrapped in floral tape. Tape the stamen in place with floral tape and curl them around a pencil. Then, tape three of the petals to the stem, evenly spacing them. Put the other two petals behind the others, taping it all together. Now, curl the petals down using a pencil. This will open your lily bloom, revealing the stamen. Add leaves you cut out of green paper, and you have a beautiful paper stargazer lily.

Image from PaperPendulum

Paper Tiger Lily

Lia Griffith has a great tutorial on making tiger lilies.  She provides a free downloadable template that you can use to print out the pattern.  You can use the template to cut out shapes from plain paper (or water color paper) and paint them to look like stargazer lilies.  You will need a few items such as a hole punch, glue gun, floral tape and floral wire.

Image fro

Wafer Paper Stargazer Lily

This tutorial by Icingimages teaches you how to make a lily using wafer paper.  This version is a little more complex than the other tutorials but the flower is beautiful.  The wafer paper makes the lilies look very delicate and real.  Be careful not to get your wafer paper too wet, otherwise it will fall apart.

Image from Icingimages

I would love to hear about your experience if you attempt to make any of these paper stargazer lilies.  If you have a better way to make them, please let me know.

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