Paper Rose Flower: Collection Of The Best Handmade DIY Tutorials

Paper Rose Flower: Collection Of The Best Handmade DIY Tutorials

It’s your best friend’s birthday and you start wrapping the perfect gift you picked out for her.  You picked out some pretty wrapping paper but you still want to make the gift look amazing.  A great way to make your gift stand out is to decorate it with paper flowers.   Paper flowers provide a 3-dimensional effect to the decorations on your gift.  You could use real flowers, but they will quickly die and they can sometimes be costly.  Making a paper flower to decorate your gift also shows that you wrapped the gift with love.  A paper rose makes a great decoration for Valentine’s day, weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers and baby showers.  You can even make them into barrettes, broaches, corsages, hair pieces and other accessories or jewelry.  Best of all, these paper flowers will never wilt!

The Rose

Which flower is the most elegant and symbolic of love?  It’s the rose of course.  The rose has many other meanings, such as beauty, passion, sensuality, honor and faith.  Different colors of roses also have specific meanings.  The red rose symbolizes love, passion and courage.  The pink rose symbolizes grace, admiration and elegance.  The yellow rose symbolizes joy, happiness, caring and true friendship.  The white rose symbolizes innocence, purity and loyalty.  The paper rose flower is very versatile and can be used for many occasions as mentioned earlier.  There are many ways to make the paper rose, ranging from easy to complex.  The more complex the rose is, the more realistic it tends to look, but it also takes longer to make.  So if you are making many flowers to decorate an entire room for a birthday party, you may choose to make a simpler rose flower.  But, if you are making a paper rose to decorate an accessory, such as a head band or broach, then you may want to make a more complex and detailed paper rose.  I searched online to find the best paper rose flower tutorials and listed them below.

Paper Rose Flower Tutorials

The following 5 tutorials show you how to make different kinds of paper roses.  They are ordered from easiest to hardest, although none of them are very hard to make.  Once you have made a few, you can make them much faster.  The easier versions are great if you need to make many roses, for example, if you were decorating an entire wall or table.  The more detailed versions are perfect for gifts (for Valentine's day) or for making accessories.

Paper Rose From Rolled Paper

This is the easiest rose to make and requires the least amount of skill.  It took a few tries to make this paper rose to look good, but after some practice, I could make them in less than 5 minutes.  You will want to make sure to only have 3 loops in your spiral.  Too many loops will make your rose a bit too dense.  It also helps to use a toothpick to start the roll.  All you need is a sheet of paper, scissors and glue.  This is a great project to do with your child.  My 5 year old daughter was able to make it after a little bit of practice.  The paper roses we made are shown below.  The instructions are from HGTV.

Paper Rose From Square Sheets

This is also an easy rose to make but it takes a little longer.  I would suggest using a hot glue gun instead of long drying paper glues, such as Elmer’s.  Like the previous tutorial, this one does not need a template and can be made with just paper (5 sheets, not 4 as noted in the beginning of the tutorial), scissors and glue.  This tutorial is from Buzzfeed.

Image from

Paper Rose From A Simple Template

This paper rose version from Dreamyposy looks much more realistic than the previous two.  It also takes a lot longer to make.  It’s not too difficult to make, but requires a little patience.  You will need paper, scissors, floral wire, a hot glue gun and some floral tape.  You will need to use a template to make the petals and leaves, but the template is downloadable for free.

Image from

Paper Rose From A Detailed Template

This paper rose looks very realistic and is ideal if you want to make something that is cherished and kept for a long time.  Again, this flower is not very difficult to make but it will take longer than the first two tutorials.  You will need paper, floral wire, scissors, a hot glue gun and floral tape.  The template is slightly more complex than the previous tutorial but can also be downloaded for free.  It’s recommended to use metallic paper which will make the flower stand out and sparkle.  This flower design was created by Lia Griffith.

Image from

Giant Crepe Paper Roses

This paper rose tutorial is a little different than the others because it teaches you how to make a giant paper rose.  These roses are great for wall decorations and weddings.  For this design, you will need crepe paper, floral wire, floral tape, glue, and a round pencil.  The template is free to download, but you will need to enlarge them 200%.  These giant flowers will certainly turn heads and will have everyone asking you how you made them.   These instructions are from Martha Stewart.

Image from

If you have made any of these paper rose flowers, please let me know what you think.  Were they hard for you to make or did they look realistic?  I would love to hear about your experience.

I reviewed the best tutorials for 10 other types of flowers.   Click on the links below to check out the other flower tutorials.

  • Daisy: Daisies signify innocence and are simple to make with kids.
  • Sunflower: Sunflowers can brighten anyone’s day and reminds us of the warmth of summer.
  • Orchids: Orchids are delicate and denote beauty and luxury.  They make wonderful decorations for gifts and hair accessories.
  • Calla Lilly: Calla Lilies are elegant and simple and work well for modern decorations. If you want to make a lot of flowers for an event or party, then calla lilies are great to make.
  • Tulips: Tulips represent springtime and are another easy flower to make with children.
  • Stargazer Lily: Stargazer lilies are great for bouquets and work well with other flowers.
  • Iris: Iris’ suggest purity and are one of the most beautiful blue or violet flowers.
  • Bird of Paradise: If you want to make a tropical themed flower, the Bird of Paradise is your best bet.
  • Carnation: Carnations are easily recognized, fun to make and are also great for Mother’s day and Valentine’s day.
  • Lotus: Lotus flowers imply compassion, love, purity and rebirth. They are the most spiritual flower.
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