Paper Bird of Paradise Flower: Collection Of The Best Handmade DIY Tutorials

Paper Bird of Paradise Flower: Collection Of The Best Handmade DIY Tutorials

Paper flowers are always a great idea, and always in style. They’re fun, they’re versatile, and, most of all, they’re simple! Spruce up your house or add a fun element to your wedding with a variety of paper flowers. While everyone goes for the paper roses or lilies, birds of paradise are an outside-the-box choice that everyone will love. With its bright colors and fun nature, a paper bird of paradise flower brings a truly one-of-a-kind element to any household, gift box, bouquet, or décor project.


Birds of paradise are some of the most beautiful, unique, exotic flowers in existence. As you might guess, their name comes from the fact that they have a similar appearance to tropical birds. These flowers come in a variety of bright colors, and they tend to reach over four feet in height. Their leaves are banana shaped, and their exotic appearance make them the center of much admiration.

These beautiful flowers are known as the tropical flower, with their bright colors and representation of a tropical area. Thus,  you can use these flowers in situations where you want to create a bit of an exotic, tropical theme. Since real birds of paradise tend to die rather quickly, why not try your hand at making your own? I’ve compiled a list of some of the best bird of paradise paper flower tutorials for you below!


These tutorials vary in complexity, variety of materials, and use. You might want to make some origami bird of paradise flowers if you’re planning on handing them out to friends. A basic paper version might work better if you want to make dozens of them as wedding centerpieces or bouquets. I’ve arranged the tutorials below from simplest to most complex, so you can choose what works best for you.


Paper Folds is a blog filled with beginner-level origami tutorials, and, lucky for us, they have a simple bird of paradise tutorial. The video tutorial uses a napkin, which is a great way to learn how to make paper flowers without wasting expensive crafting supplies. Once you’ve mastered the origami on a napkin, try out some crepe paper or regular colored printer paper. This is a great guide in that it’s simple while allowing for some creativity and flexibility.

Paper bird of paradise flower

Image from PaperFolds


Urvashi Gupta has a great tutorial for making origami birds of paradise. The blog post links both to a template that you can print out for the flower petals, and a video that shows her going through the steps. After printing out the stencil for the project, you can follow along step-by-step with the video and have your own origami birds of paradise in under ten minutes! This is definitely the simplest origami tutorial out there, and you don’t need to be an origami expert to give it a go.

Paper bird of paradise flower

 Image from Urvashi Gupta


Penny Duncan Designs is a lifesaver for anyone who’s just starting out in paper crafts. Not only does she offer a step by step video of how to create a paper bird of paradise flower, but she also has multiple files with printable templates and instructions for you to use. This is a perfect guide for those of you who have never made paper flowers before. There is definitely some complexity in parts such as adding ink to the leaf cutouts for more depth of color.  This is totally optional and just another way to make your flower stand out from the rest.

Paper bird of paradise flowerImage from PennyDuncanCreations


ABC TV has a channel dedicated to paper flowers, and their bird of paradise paper flower tutorial is both easy to follow and easy to replicate. All you need is crepe paper, floral tape, scissors, glue, a clear PVC tube, and wire for the flowers! These flowers are gorgeous and eye-catching with their purple and orange petals. Make them with the stem for a nice bouquet, or without the stem as an accent to a card or gift.

Paper bird of paradise flowerImage from ABCTV


Joost Langeveld is known for his origami flower tutorials and video demonstrations, and I’d count his bird of paradise tutorial amongst his best. This is a great option if you’re just wanting spruce up your home with a nice vase of paper flowers. It is definitely a bit more complex than the aforementioned origami tutorial, but, if you are experienced in the craft of origami, this is definitely worth a try! The flowers look absolutely stunning and surprisingly realistic!

Paper bird of paradise flower

Image from

What use of a paper bird of paradise flower do you think is best or most creative? Have you ever made them before? Sound off in the comments below!

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