Paper Iris Flower: Collection Of The Best Handmade DIY Tutorials

Paper Iris Flower: Collection Of The Best Handmade DIY Tutorials

Paper flowers have many benefits over the real thing. Not only do they never wilt and die, but they are more cost effective and easier to implement into decorations and craft projects. Furthermore, paper flowers are always in season, which makes them ideal for weddings and parties. And since they’re always in season, you can have your pick of any flower, such as the paper iris.

The iris is a striking bloom that makes a unique statement as a paper flower, and the uses for them are vast. Unfortunately, many of us overlook the iris for the more popular rose. This is a shame since irises are just as amazing as the rose, but not used as often. They are more impressive and unusual. Giving the gift of a paper iris lets the recipient enjoy the stunning piece of art for years to come.

The Iris

The iris is an elegant flower that has been immortalized in paintings by many beloved artists, such as daVinci, van Gogh, and Renoir. It is a genus of flowering plants made up of about 260 to 300 species.  They all have attractive blooms in various colors, including, purple, white, blue, yellow, orange, brown, red, and pink.

The iris is named after the Greek goddess of rainbows, who is also considered the messenger of love. It is revered in the Japanese culture for its purifying properties, and it is believed to protect the person wearing the flower by purifying evil energy.

The color of the iris is how you will convey your message. For example, white implies purity, which makes it ideal for bridal bouquets, blue represents faith and hope, purple is ideal for congratulations, and yellow should be used when you want to show passion.

Paper Iris Flower Tutorials

Below you’ll find 5 paper iris tutorials that range from simple to more complex. Each tutorial is free and includes detailed instructions and a printable template.  I have listed the tutorials from easiest to most complex.   The best thing about these paper iris flower tutorials is that you can customize the paper flowers to fit your specific needs and desires.

Paper Iris Spring Bouquet

This no-frills paper iris spring bouquet is simple yet stunning. It makes a great handmade gift or party favor, and requires only a few inexpensive items. You will need computer paper, scissors, pencil, and a glue stick. The great thing about this tutorial, besides being free, is that it includes the instructions and templates for other spring flowers. This gives you the option of making a simple paper iris bouquet or a more complex paper bouquet filled with spring-inspired blooms.  Step 4 will show you how to make the iris.  Head over to Aunt Annie’s Crafts for the complete instructions and templates.

Paper Iris

Image from Aunt Annie's Crafts

Simple Paper Iris

This may be one of the simplest paper iris tutorial out there. It only requires paper, glue, pencil, and scissors. Despite its simple appearance, you can dress up a present or make a corsage by attaching a wrist band to the back.  Furthermore, the template is a scalable image, which means you can increase the size to make a larger-than-life iris bloom, perfect for a kid’s party or room decoration. For the printable template and instructions, visit Inna’s Creations.

Paper IrisImage from Inna's Creations

Paper Iris made with Stampin’ Up! Tool

While this paper iris tutorial is relatively simple, you will require a special tool called the Stampin’ Up! Blossom Punch.  You can find this nifty crafting tool in the scrapbooking section of craft stores. Along with the Stampin Up!, you’ll need cardstock, glue, scissors, rhinestones, and an embossing mat and stylus.  If you don't have the stamp to make the petals, I've created a template in PDF and SVG for you to download.  You may need to resize the template to match the size flower you want to make.  For detail instructions on how to make this paper iris, visit Stampin’ Love & Memories.

Paper Iris

Image from Stampin'Love & Memories

Patterned Paper Iris

This fun and whimsical paper iris is made using scrapbook paper, which means the patterns and colors for your paper flower are practically endless! Because of the versatileness of this paper iris, it make a great decoration for parties and events. An example of this is using baby-themed scrapbook paper to make centerpieces for a baby shower. Visit Amy Butler for the free tutorial and template.

Paper IrisImage from

Realistic Paper Iris

For a realistic paper iris, give Dreamy Posy’s tutorial a go. It uses coffee filter paper, water colors, tissue paper, and wire to create a paper flower that looks like the real thing. This paper iris looks absolutely stunning in a vase alone or with multiple paper blooms. The tutorial includes both written and video instructions, and you can find the free template at the bottom of the page. The directions and template are available at Dreamy Posy.

Paper IrisImage from


Making paper flowers can be a challenge, but once you get the hang of the process, you will wonder why you didn’t take up this craft sooner.  Do you love paper crafts? Have you tried to make any of these paper irises? Feel free to share your tips and experience in the comments below.

I reviewed the best tutorials for 10 other types of flowers.   Click on the links below to check out the other flower tutorials.

  • Roses: Roses symbolize love and are perfect for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, weddings and birthdays for that special someone.
  • Daisy: Daisies signify innocence and are simple to make with kids.
  • Sunflower: Sunflowers can brighten anyone’s day and reminds us of the warmth of summer.
  • Orchids: Orchids are delicate and denote beauty and luxury.  They make wonderful decorations for gifts and hair accessories.
  • Calla Lilly: Calla Lilies are elegant and simple and work well for modern decorations. If you want to make a lot of flowers for an event or party, then calla lilies are great to make.
  • Tulips: Tulips represent springtime and are another easy flower to make with children.
  • Stargazer Lily: Stargazer lilies are great for bouquets and work well with other flowers.
  • Bird of Paradise: If you want to make a tropical themed flower, the Bird of Paradise is your best bet.
  • Carnation: Carnations are easily recognized, fun to make and are also great for Mother’s day and Valentine’s day.
  • Lotus: Lotus flowers imply compassion, love, purity and rebirth. They are the most spiritual flower.
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