Have you made your card yet for Mother’s day?  Here is a pop up card that I made that was inspired by two very important women in my life, my wife and mother.  They both embody the characteristics of love and beauty.  Love is represented by a heart and beauty, a rose.  These two symbols … Continue readings


Hi Everyone!  Mother’s day is around the corner.  If you don’t have a mother’s day card for your mom yet, here’s an easy pop up card  you can  make. It’s also an easy card to make with your kids, after you cut out the pieces.  I made these with my daughter and she loved it! … Continue readings


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  This year I made a Mother’s day pop up card to celebrate all the wonderful memories we created in Disneyland.  This card is also a great popup card to use for birthdays and invitations.  Here is what the card looks like: In the card, I glued in … Continue readings


Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I wanted to share my latest pop up card tutorial.  Have you ever wanted to just get away, and take someone to a tropical island where you can forget everything and just relax?  I’m sure we all feel this way, especially if you’re getting covered in a … Continue readings


Are you looking for some great ideas for Valentine’s Day? How about making something that your Valentine can cherish forever, such as a handmade card? There are so many creative ways to make your very own personalized Valentine’s day card. In fact, every Valentine’s day, Rich has made me the most beautiful card! It’s the … Continue readings

Paper Heart Snowflake


Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  We have been enjoying ourselves spending time with our families. Recently, a friend of mine posted a paper snowflake he made on Facebook.  His wife challenged me to make my own creative paper snowflake.  I haven’t made paper snowflakes since I was a child.  I … Continue readings


I recently just came back from a trip to Beijing, China to visit my sister.  I always enjoy visiting other countries and learning about their culture.  The day we flew back happened to be Stacey’s birthday.  What better way to spend your birthday than to be trapped on a plane for 14 hours.  At least … Continue readings


  My niece and her husband got married this summer and it was Mikayla’s first time as a flower girl.  It was a beautiful wedding set within the hills of the Los Willows Estate near San Diego.  During the rehearsal, Mikayla had a little trouble walking down the aisle with her cousin Emma.  On the … Continue readings


It was my brother-in-law’s birthday, and I wanted to make him a pop up card.  I started to think, what does he love to do…and it was obvious, he loves to grill.  Every time we visit him and his family, he’s grilling something tasty.   My impulse question I always ask him is, “did you … Continue readings


I’ve always loved dinosaurs ever since I was a child.  They are gigantic creatures that let your imagination run wild.  It’s hard to believe that they once roamed the earth.  For father’s day this year, I decided to make  a dinosaur pop up card that has a daddy and baby Tyrannosaurus (T-rex).  Originally, I was going … Continue readings


Happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful caring mom’s out there.  This year, I decided to make an orchid flower Mother’s day pop up card. This card was more challenging than I thought.  I figured since it only has 5 pedals, it would be relatively simple.  The orchid is a very unique and complicated flower. … Continue readings

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