Easy Love Rose Mother’s Day Pop Up Card Tutorial

Easy Love Rose Mother’s Day Pop Up Card Tutorial

For Mother's day, do you want to give your mother something that makes her say WOW?  Then make a Mothers Day pop up card instead of buying one.  Here is a Mothers Day popup card that is a little more elaborate than a few other simple Mother's Day pop up card designs I have on my website.   The two most meaningful symbols for Mother's Day are the heart and the rose.   If you can't decide which symbol to use, this card is perfect for you because it uses both.  This card has the word “MOM” across the center of a heart.  The heart has a rose on both sides of the lettering.  Here are a few images of the card.  I've also included a version that has the word for mother in Chinese.  The template for this card includes a version with the word, “MUM” instead of “MOM” but I didn't include a picture of it.

Here is a tutorial video that has instructions on how to make this Mother's day pop up card.

Mother's day Popup Card Tutorial

If you prefer written instructions, then please follow the steps below:

  1. Print out the template for this pop up card: Love Rose Mother's Day Pop Up Card Template.
  2. Use the template to cut out all 3 pieces.  It will take a little time to cut out the heart/rose, but just be patient.  You can also use a cutting machine to cut these pieces out. I used red card stock for the heart/rose piece and pink for the backing.  I left the inside card white.
  3. Fold the heart/rose piece in half down the center and insert the tabs into the slots of the inside card.  Fold the tabs over and secure with tape.  You'll notice that the slot is off-center.  Make sure that the slot is closer to the right hand side.  This will make sure that your heart/rose is centered.
  4. Insert the corners of the white inside card into the heart slots on the outside card.
  5. Fold the card in half carefully.

This card is pretty easy to make but cutting out the center heart/rose can be a little tedious.  If you get a chance to make this card, please let me know how it turned out in the comments below.

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