Wedding Cake Pop Up Card: First Version

Wedding Cake Pop Up Card: First Version

Congratulations  Brian and Erin!  Brian is one of my high school friends who got married 2 weeks ago.  They had their wedding at a vineyard in wine country north of San Francisco.  It was a beautiful setting.  Unfortunately, because of the traffic driving up to the vineyard, I missed the ceremony.  Luckily we made it to dinner because it was delicious.

I decided to make a wedding cake pop-up card for them.  There are many wedding cake pop up cards out there and I wanted to make a unique one.  To make my round cake different, I decided to make a 2-tiered cake separated by cake stands.  I didn't see anything out there like this.  I think the cake stand will make the cake look more elegant compared to all the wedding cake pop up cards out there.  Also, most cake cards out there suffer from the problem of not opening up to a round cake.  The sides of the cake are creased and the cake looks more oval.   So I tried to solve this problem by using ribbon instead of paper on the sides.  I love the way the ribbon looks on the cake.  The ribbon folds and unfolds easier and barely leaves a crease.  Therefore the cake can open up to a nice round shape.  Here's what the card looks like:

Here is what the card looks like when you fold it (watch the video to see the card in action):

The invitation they sent me was brown, so I used a similar brown color for the inside card.  I added a red ribbon around the cake tiers to give it a little more color.  It turned out that they had cupcakes at their wedding, so maybe I should have made a cupcake card instead.

There are a few things I want to tweak on this card.  Right now, it uses 5/8″ ribbon.  I think the cake may be a little too flat, so I'm going to change it to use 7/8″ ribbon instead.  This will make the cake a little taller.  I went to Michael's last night and bought a bunch of really cool ribbon (they have a sale on ribbon!).  I tried to find 1″ ribbon but I guess it doesn't exist.  Does anyone know why they have such odd ribbon widths?  Why don't they make 1″ ribbon?  I can't wait to make a few more versions.  There are so many kinds of ribbons to make this card really unique.  The other thing I may change is to resize the cake so that you can use paper for the sides of the cake.  I figure, not everyone will have ribbon handy so I wanted to provide an option to those who wanted to make the entire card out of paper.  The problem is, you need a strip of paper longer than 11″, which may make it difficult for people to use standard 8.5″x11″ paper to make the card.  What do you guys think?  Should I have an option to make the card entirely out of paper, or do you think ribbon is pretty easily accessible?

By the way, for those of you who are wondering, I started designing this card a few months ago for my card idea contest.  It was originally a birthday cake card.

If you want to make this card, please check out my instructions on how to make the 2-tier cake pop up card.

  • Celine Zhang
    Posted at 11:57h, 12 August Reply

    I like the ribbon idea better. Because I don’t want to see the creases on my cake if using paper. And ribbons are actually easy to get 😀

    • Creative Rich
      Posted at 14:27h, 12 August Reply

      Great! Thanks for the feedback Celine!

  • Allison
    Posted at 14:20h, 12 August Reply

    Awesome card Rich! I love the idea of the ribbon and not an all paper card. I think it looks more authentic. Also, if people want to make this card for a wedding, they are going to know of the wedding in advance giving them time to buy the ribbon 🙂

    • Creative Rich
      Posted at 14:28h, 12 August Reply

      Hi Allison, you have a good point. I’m glad that making the card with ribbon wont be a problem.

  • morokot keo
    Posted at 17:23h, 27 September Reply

    do u have template i want to buy it

    • Creative Rich
      Posted at 18:50h, 27 September Reply

      Thanks for visiting! Yes, I will have a template soon. Stay tuned!

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