Mother’s Day Pop Up Card: Flower Bouquet

Mother’s Day Pop Up Card: Flower Bouquet

Mother's day is almost here.  It's a great opportunity to show you how much you love your mom by making her a pop up card.  So I've been working on a Mother's Day card for a while.   The concept was a vase with flowers in it. I made a concept of a really nice round vase, but when I finally put it together, it didn't fully open up as I wanted it to.  So I decided to scrap that idea and make a new vase.  So here is the new version of a modern glass vase with a bouquet of flowers in it.   Here is what the card looks like:

I like the artistic look to the card with everything white against the contrasting green cover.  I also made a version where I painted the flowers to give the bouquet some vibrant colors.

The vase has 3 kinds of flowers: roses, stargazer lilies and daisies.  The roses came out better than I had hoped.  After cutting the rose out, the flower is folded a few times to give it a layered look.  The stargazers were difficult to make recognizable, but i'm happy with the way it came out.   Here is a closer picture of the flowers:

I made 3 different kinds of flowers so that you can choose and design your own bouquet.  If your mom likes roses, you may want to fill the vase with all roses.  Here is a video of the card.

You can view the tutorial  for this design here: Flower Bouquet Pop Up Card Tutorial.

  • camille
    Posted at 06:54h, 01 May Reply

    ur pop out cards are amazingg. <3 looking forward to the tutorial 🙂 can't wait t make it and give it to my mom. thankyou 🙂 keep it up~

  • Joy
    Posted at 23:55h, 02 May Reply

    You are a genius! Amazing work and outcome.
    Love your work

  • Sasha
    Posted at 01:44h, 03 May Reply

    Hey there, you should really show how to do that card!! I really want to know how?

  • Linda
    Posted at 02:50h, 05 June Reply


    I love your cards !! i made the 3-D Heart, Kissing Couple, this Mothers Day card
    and will made making the birthday cake and the graduation card.

    I’m wondering if you have a New Baby or Baby Shower Card . . .

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas !

    • Creative
      Posted at 16:03h, 05 June Reply

      I don’t have any baby cards yet. I’ll add those to the list of things to make. Stay tuned…

  • Tan.NguyenDuc
    Posted at 06:42h, 30 December Reply

    How can i get the template to make?
    Can i dowload it anywhere?

  • Asyiqn
    Posted at 04:00h, 05 April Reply

    good work but how to colour it ?

    • Creative Rich
      Posted at 11:26h, 05 April Reply

      Hi Asyiqn, I used water color to paint the flowers. You can use any media you like.

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