International Mother’s day Pop Up Card Tutorial

International Mother’s day Pop Up Card Tutorial

People all over the world call their mother using different words.  It's interesting that many of the words used have the “M” sound.  Maybe it's because it's an easy sound to make when we are babies.  To celebrate all of the ways we call our mom, I made a Mother's day pop up card with many different ways to say “mother” across the globe.    Here is what the card looks like.

The front of the card is a collage of the word mother in different languages.   Here is a list of the word “mother” and the language it's from:

  • English (US): Mommy / Mom / Mama
  • English (UK): Mum
  • Tagolog: Nanay
  • Chinese: 妈
  • Hindi: माँ
  • Korean: Ommah
  • French: Maman
  • Indonesian / Malay: Ibu
  • Vietnamese: mẹ
  • Malayalam: Amma
  • Japanese: 母
  • Arabic:  Ummi / Ammi


The back of the card has a heart cut out in the center.  You can put a picture in the center of the heart to personalize the card.

This is a unique pop up card to make for your mom to show her all the ways people say “mom”.  It would be a great card to make for your mother if she travels a lot or if she is interested in different cultures.  The instructions on how to make this pop up card is very simple.  Just follow this tutorial below:

  1. Print out the template for this pop up card: International Mother's Day pop up card template.
  2. Use the template to cut out all 3 pieces.  It will take a little time to cut out all of the letters.  You can also use a cutting machine to cut these pieces out.
  3. Fold the center piece that frames the words in half down the center and insert the tabs into the slots of the inside card.  Fold the tabs over and secure with tape.
  4. Insert the corners of the inside card into the heart slots on the outside card.
  5. Fold the card in half carefully.


This card is a little different than the others, but it's still fun to make.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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  • Marie Grace Go
    Posted at 16:19h, 09 May Reply

    like this pop up card very unique

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