Graduation Cap Pop Up Card: Gluing details

Graduation Cap Pop Up Card: Gluing details

Someone on youtube asked about some details on gluing the top part of the graduation cap to the bottom part. I used black paper for my tutorial so it is very difficult to see. I took one of my graduation cards and ripped off the cap and took apart the pieces. So that's why the tabs look kinda ripped up. I also used a red pen to mark the alignment lines so you can see it better. Here's a quick video showing how to glue the pieces together.

  • Once all the parts are cut out, make sure the scored lines fold very easily.
  • Fold the tabs on the bottom part outward.
  • Apply glue on both tabs
  • Align the edge of the bottom piece to the line on the hat
  • Then fold the cap down, which will glue the other tab, automatically aligning the second tab.

I hope this helps!

The full tutorial for the graduation pop up card is here: Graduation Cap Pop Up Card


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