Easter Pop Up Card: Bunny Peeps Tutorial

Easter Pop Up Card: Bunny Peeps Tutorial

Easter is a week away, which means that we only have a week left to have an excuse to eat all the Easter candy. One of my favorite Easter candies is the bunny marshmallow Peeps. So this year, I decided to make an Easter Pop up Card with pop up bunny Peeps. In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to make this Easter bunny peeps pop-up card. Here are some images of the finished card:

This card is easy to make but it may take some patience to cut out all the bunnies.  I use a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to cut out the card.  Here is the tutorial on how to make this card:

I have written out the instructions for making this card below:

  1. First, purchase the template for this card here: Easter Bunny Peeps Pop Up Card.
  2. Print out the template or use a cutting machine to cut out the parts.  You can review my tips on using templates if you plan cutting out the template by hand.  The template has 3 pages.  The first page has the inside card and the bunnies.  The second page has the outside card and the text.  The third page is the same as the first page but the bunnies have no eyes.  Use the third page if you plan on drawing in the eyes and noses for the bunnies.  Page 3 also has some small circles if you want to cut out the eyes and glue them in.
  3. If you are using page 3 of the template, draw in the eyes and noses for all the bunnies.
  4. Score and fold the areas indicated by the dotted lines.  You may not need to score the bunny folds because these folds are short and easy to fold.
  5. Start by assembling the inside bunnies (pink and blue ones).  Fold the bunnies at the ear and then insert the tabs at their feet into the inside card.   Glue the tabs down on the back side (optional).
  6. Then, assemble the yellow bunnies around the pink and blue center ones.  Insert the tabs at the feet of the bunnies into the slots on the inside card.   Make sure that the round tabs (tails) at the end of the strip of yellow bunnies are at opposite ends when the 2 strips of bunnies are assembled.  Fold the round tails inward and glue the tails to opposing bunnies.  You should close the card to make sure the bunnies line up and that the card folds flat.  Glue the tabs of the yellow bunnies down behind the inside card (optional).
  7. Insert the inside card into the outside card at the four corners.
  8. Glue all of the text into the card.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  This card may not be as tasty as real marshmallow Peeps, but it's a fun card to make.

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