Birthday Pop Up Card: Simple Cake Version 2 Tutorial and Template

Birthday Pop Up Card: Simple Cake Version 2 Tutorial and Template

This post will have instructions on how to make another version of the simple cake birthday popup card. I wanted to call it Detailed Simple Cake Pop-up Card but then it would be an oxymoron, so I'm just calling it version 2. This version design is more detailed and has the words Happy Birthday cut out in the cake. It also has candles with different numbers so you can customize the cake. In this tutorial, I made a sweet 16 version with the numbered candles. Here is what the card looks like:

Here is a video of the card:

Here are instructions on how to make the pop up card:

Here are written instructions of the tutorial.

  1. Purchase the template for this card here: Simple Birthday Cake Pop Up Card Template Version 2.
  2. Print out the template.  Using the template, cut out the center card, the backing and the clip art you want to use, such as the candles and balloons.
  3. Score the dashed lines as indicated on the template. Remember to score on the side opposite to the direction of the fold.
  4. On the center card, fold the two halves of the cake upward.
  5. Then fold the third tier or the top most level of the cake downward.
  6. Fold the center card in half.
  7. Glue the third tier of the cakes together.
  8. If you want to use the numbered candles, then cut the 3 candles off of the cake.
  9. Then glue the numbered candles to the top of the cake, only gluing the bottoms of the candles.
  10. Assemble the center card to the card backing by sliding the front 2 corners of the center card into the angled slots in the card backing.
  11. Fold the card down to make sure everything fold flat and is aligned. Then glue the top half of the center card to the card backing. You don't have to use too much glue, but make sure you glue near the cake bottom. Fold the card closed again to make sure everything is aligned.
  12. Finally, glue the other clip art, such as the cake, balloons, or “Happy Birthday” text to the front of the card.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

  • Serena
    Posted at 19:55h, 08 October Reply

    Hi 😀
    You should add a place for general comments.
    Also, are you making a Halloween-themed card? 🙂

    • Creative
      Posted at 21:15h, 08 October Reply

      Yikes, Halloween is just around the corner! gotta get cracking. A general comments section is a good idea. Let me think about it.

  • caitlin
    Posted at 22:58h, 08 April Reply

    could you send me templates for this card plz

    • Creative Rich
      Posted at 23:25h, 08 April Reply

      Hi Caitlin! This template can be purchased in the Template store. There is a simpler version which is free. You can find that one in the template store as well.

  • Simone
    Posted at 08:35h, 28 June Reply

    Great Job:) I love all the card designs.
    Extremely creative:)
    Simone (INDIA)

    • Creative Rich
      Posted at 08:50h, 28 June Reply

      Thanks for visiting my website!

  • dania zainal
    Posted at 04:57h, 16 March Reply

    How do i print a template, on your website its only pictures. where do i find it on your website.can u help me please, BTW i am a kid. thanks.

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