Baby Shower Pop Up Card: 3D CAD Model

Baby Shower Pop Up Card: 3D CAD Model

I decided on making a pacifier for my baby shower pop-up card. I had to think of the best way to make it pop up. I had a couple ideas but narrowed them down to a 90 degree card or a 180 degree card. Most of my cards are 180 degree cards because, for me, they are easier to design. I also think they look better because they are easier to display. 90 degree cards tend to close over time, or they are hard to make stay open. I also look for ways to make the card without gluing anything. I try to make it easy to assemble, although it doesn't always turn out that way. I looked up pacifier pictures on google to see what they look like. There are a lot of different shapes, so it was hard to choose one that would be easy to recognize by everyone. I notice that many of them have holes around the side. I'm assuming it's so that it doesn't form a suction cup around the baby and suffocate him or her. Then I had to pick a shape for the round end. Some are big and bulgy, but others are narrower. Some have a big dent on the bottom. This is what I came up with.

I needed to make the hole for the round end to fit through large, but I don't want it to slip back through while the card is opened. I jogged the cut for the center piece so that it wouldn't slip through. It's a little hard to explain, but you'll understand once I upload the template. I'm also a little concerned that the ring behind the pacifier may be too soft to support the pacifier when the card is closed. Well, all these questions and concerns will be answered after I make the card.

The tutorial for this card can be viewed here: Pacifier Pop Up Card Tutorial.

  • cherif
    Posted at 07:00h, 06 August Reply

    simple but very nice !!

  • suzy
    Posted at 11:16h, 29 August Reply

    bravo pour toutes ces belles cartes que je ne me lasse pas de regarder

  • Silvia
    Posted at 11:06h, 14 October Reply

    Muito obrigada!!!!!!! Me ajudou bastante.
    Posso fazer uma sugestão???????
    Eu vi uma cartão com o bercinho e o nenê dentro, será que alguém teria o modelo, é muito delicado e bonito
    Obrigada por tudo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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