Wedding Invitation Linked Rings Pop Up Card Template

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Template in SVG, STUDIO, PDF, KNK Format.

(Updated file version 3)


Template Price: $3.99



  1. Preslie Hale at Jan 31, 2012 05:49:28

    Hello I was looking at your Wedding Invitation Linked Rings Pop Up Card and I tried to click on the link to show the tutorial and the link does not work. I am very interested in this card and would like it for my wedding. I am curious to know how difficult these would be to make after purchasing the template considering I will be making many of them. If possible could you send a link to the tutorial. Thank you so much for your time and cooperation.

    • Creative Rich at Jan 31, 2012 10:32:00

      Hi Preslie, Sorry, there are still a lot of bugs in my site. I just fixed this one so you can try to view the tutorial now. I would consider getting a cutting machine. I bought one to make my wedding invitations. It paid for itself. good luck!

    • Chris Pickett at Nov 10, 2015 11:19:44

      Hi will this template work with a brother scan and cut machine please. The model we have is a DM550 – be grateful if you can advise accordingly please.

      Kind regards


      • CreativeRich at Nov 17, 2015 11:58:29

        Hi Chris, It should work with your cutter. If it doesn’t, I’m happy to refund your payment. Thanks!

  2. Deb at Feb 04, 2012 09:29:04

    I would like to make the pop-up linked rings card, the template that
    you have for sale, can it be used with a Big Shot Machine?
    I tried to cut it out by hand but it didn’t come out very smooth.
    Great card!

    • Creative Rich at Feb 05, 2012 03:52:23

      Hi Deb, The Big Shot Machine looks like it uses custom die. You should consider getting a cutting machine like Silhouette Cameo. This way, you can cut out any downloadable pattern online.

  3. Jacques at Feb 15, 2012 07:22:07

    Hello CR ..

    wow..your cards really look neat. I download the 2 wedding rings last night and quickly made it.. It’s relly something different. I want to know, my friend is making that mistake.. yeah, getting married. Would it be cool with you if i print these out and make the cards for them as a invitation for them ??

    • Creative Rich at Feb 15, 2012 02:49:04

      Hi Jacques, yes you can make these cards for your friend. They are only restricted from commercial sales. So you wouldn’t be able to make these and sell them to the public. Thanks for asking!

  4. may at Feb 16, 2012 11:44:58

    sorry but I would like to know if its possible to find someone who can create them for me.


  5. Mollin at Mar 23, 2012 07:13:11

    Can Cricut Mini Electronic Cutting Machine do the same work or only Silhouette Cameo ?

    • Creative Rich at Mar 23, 2012 03:19:19

      Hi Mollin, I don’t believe that the Cricut machines allow the use of external cutting files. In the past, third party software packages like Make the Cut allowed users to cut external cutting files, but recently Cricut forced them to stop. I’m not sure if there is a hack out there yet. Sorry.

  6. Monica at Mar 27, 2012 01:46:16

    Hola muy buena noche.

    he visto tus tarjetas desde hace mucho tiempo y antes no tenia costo el poder bajar las plantillas ya que yo realice invitaciones de el chupón y ahora quiero el de la boda (anillos) solo que manejas ahora el costo por la plantilla. Serias tan amable de poderme decir como le hago ahora ya que no manejo dorales ya que vivo en México. me interesa mucho tu respuesta ya que la boda de mi amiga es para el mes de julio y le gusto mucho tu invitación.


    • Creative Rich at Mar 29, 2012 09:04:20

      Hi Monica,
      Thanks for visiting my website. The templates can be purchased in the Template store.

  7. mayyoo at Apr 01, 2012 08:33:12

    Hi Rich,
    I bought the template and I am planning to do my wedding invitations by my self. But I have few concerns, I have to print the text first in the paper and then create the rings ! is that possible ?! or the machine will cut the text as well ? Is the machine die cut every single details in the template or should I work on it even after the machine? and is that ok to use 80 lb papers because I believe considering a thickest papers will make it look more prettier.


  8. Creative Rich at Apr 02, 2012 10:01:33

    Hi Mayyoo,

    If you’re referring to the printed text, I would print it on a separate page, cut it out by hand and glue it in the card after you make it. If you are referring to the names in the rings, you would need to create the names with a third party cutting software. You can use 80lb paper, but you will need to adjust your cutter. The diamonds will be difficult to cut. I would test a sheet first. -Rich

  9. Monica at Apr 12, 2012 10:46:50

    Hola muchas gracias por responder ahora mi duda es que no tengo tarjeta de crédito… será que te lo puedo depositar a alguna cuenta? y cuanto seria en moneda Mexicana ya que no se me da eso de las cantidades en dolar.
    gracias y disculpa la molestia.

  10. Nastya at May 05, 2012 02:50:56

    Do you ship to Russia?

    • Creative Rich at May 05, 2012 03:52:31

      Hi Nastya, When you purchase the templates, they will be downloadable from this website when you log in.

  11. Swaroop Kumar at Jun 01, 2012 11:32:22

    Hi there,
    If I buy the template, can you please put the names in it?

    • Creative Rich at Jun 02, 2012 12:16:21

      Hi Swaroop, Thank you for visiting my page. Unfortunately, I will not be able to put names in the card template. You may try putting the initials into the rings when you make the card.

  12. Nik Widad at Aug 24, 2012 09:22:36

    Hi. I am very interested to purchase the ring one. Could you please tell me how to purchase it? Please.

  13. Nik Widad at Aug 24, 2012 09:26:54

    If im buying it can you customised the names for me as well? For how mana copies? If i want 30copies, does that mean ia have to purchase 30 x $3.99?
    Really hope for a reply. Thanks

    • Creative Rich at Aug 24, 2012 10:09:29

      Hi Nik, Thank you for you interest in my cards. I sell templates for you to create your own pop up card.

  14. morokot keo at Sep 27, 2012 07:59:13

    i have been bought (“Wedding Invitation Linked Rings Pop Up Card”) 2h ago . but i don’t receive it now. I don’t know why?
    please help me.

  15. Jose Daniel Mejia at Oct 04, 2012 01:08:47

    Hola pues me gustaria adquirir algunas de las plantillas pero no tengo tarjeta que podria hacer como podria ser el pago ?¿?

  16. Fresita Gines at Nov 23, 2012 08:58:46

    yo vi en el youtube una con unos novios pero no encuentro la plantilla la puedes cogar porfavor gracias esta es la pag donde lo vi

  17. Nadya at Dec 15, 2012 07:01:13

    hi i like sooo much your card it’s amazing and i would like to try one to amaze my teacher cause i study arts so can i please have the template to print it and try it cause i didn’t finfd it :/ so can you help me !!

  18. Alejandra victoria at Dec 26, 2012 12:34:58

    Hiiiii im sorry im a little lost on this ! But I defenitly want to purchase this but how does it work ? If I want to do 100 invitations I buy one to make all or all 100 of these ?

    • Creative Rich at Dec 27, 2012 12:59:09

      Hi Alejandra, You can make as many invitations as you like with a single template purchase.

  19. Alejandra victoria at Dec 26, 2012 12:48:36

    Oo and how can I get those letters ? Like if I wanted to put the names and date how the guy in the toutoral did ?

  20. Francia Mira at Feb 09, 2013 07:08:00

    Hola, soy de Colombia, no tengo tarjeta credito ni debito; pero estoy interesada en la plantilla. Como puedo comprarla? hay otra forma de pago? Gracias

    • Creative Rich at Feb 09, 2013 09:41:12

      Hi Francia, You can use a Paypal account to purchase the templates. Thanks!

  21. FIGO at Feb 18, 2013 07:07:26

    Hello it is possible to have templates for ” Wedding Invitation Pop Up Card: Bride and Groom “

    • Creative Rich at Feb 21, 2013 08:57:07

      Hi FIGO. That template is not currently available. That was my wedding card back in 2008. I’ll put that on my list of things to do. Thanks!

      • Fresita Gines at Aug 13, 2013 04:08:37

        Richi dime para cuando estarias subiendo la plantilla de la invitación de boda de los novios, me gusta mucho esa invitación y me gustaria hacerla, mira que ya ah pasado mucho tiempo 2008 al 2013 ya pues comparte gracias :)

  22. Anastasia Nemkova at Feb 23, 2013 05:36:34

    Hi! I purchased your template. However, I would like to delete “congratulations” and simplify the cut out parts of the diamond. What should I do?

    • Creative Rich at Feb 24, 2013 10:12:14

      Hi Anastasia, Are you using a cutting software? Some software such as SCAL, MTC, or Silhouette Studio Designer Edition will allow you to remove parts of the file.

  23. Sara Felix at Sep 16, 2013 07:49:07

    Rich, how do you put the name in the middle of the heart . sara thanks.

  24. Sara Felix at Sep 16, 2013 07:50:26

    how do you put the name on the middle of the heart! sara.

  25. El at Dec 10, 2013 11:02:00

    Hi Rich,

    Do you have to purchase the Silhouette Design Studio in order to use this template to cut out the rings? Also, do you have to purchase a third party software in order to add the names to the ring or can I use the Design Studio?

    • CreativeRich at Dec 10, 2013 01:40:32

      Hi El, You can use the template with the free version of Silhouette Studio. I would suggest cutting out the names separately and gluing them into the rings. You may need a third party software or Silhouette Designer to create the letters.

      • El at Dec 30, 2013 08:49:10

        Thanks! What size envelopes do the invitations fit? Also, what size paper should I use to the cut the template? 8.5×11 or 12×12?

        • CreativeRich at Dec 30, 2013 01:20:30

          Hi El, I design almost all my cards (except for the Tiffany box card) for a standard A6 envelope. These envelopes are 4 3/4? x 6 1/2?.
          Also, my templates are designed for 8.5×11″ cardstock.

          • El at Dec 31, 2013 11:21:23

            Thanks so much for all of your help and making your designs available!

          • EL at Jan 03, 2014 10:04:34

            Hi Rich.

            So sorry for all the questions, but I bought the template and when I open the SVG file in the Silhouette program (upgraded to the Designer edition) the templates are just black squares. The PDF file and Studio files open up correctly. Am I doing something wrong?

  26. chan ling at Dec 27, 2013 03:11:28

    Hi, I just bought the template, but I am sorry , I enter a wrong despatch HK address, how can I amend the address ? may I know your template will send to me by post or via email ?

    • CreativeRich at Dec 30, 2013 02:59:04

      Hi Chan Ling, Nothing will be sent, you can download your template through your account. Thanks!

  27. Chrystal at Jan 20, 2014 01:11:24

    I am having some issues with this template tracing in the Silhouette software. What is the name of the font you used here? i am going to have to completely replace the font you provided.

    • CreativeRich at Jan 21, 2014 12:15:54

      Hi Chrystal, I updated the template cutting files so it should work a little better. I use monotype corsiva for most of my words. Thanks!

  28. Ben at Jun 08, 2014 03:44:33

    hi there, I really like the card and I’m going to purchase it, but please how I want to ask you something, how can I print it?? I don’t know anything about printing this type of cards, do I have to print it then cut the rings or what?
    thank you.

    • CreativeRich at Jun 09, 2014 07:30:11

      Hi Ben, You can print the template on any printer. Then you can use the template to cut out the pieces for the pop up card. Here is a link to the instructions.

  29. Dee at Aug 29, 2014 05:31:03

    Hello – are your templates compatible with the Circuit Die Cutter mini? If so, is it just a case of uploading your designs?


  30. Miri at Sep 14, 2014 12:25:02

    Hi, I find your pop up cards simple awesome especially the bride and groom card. I would like to buy it and use it as wedding invitation card. Do you have the template? Someone asked for it in the beginning of 2013 and you answerd that you would think about it. So I thougt about asking again. It´s simple perfect.


    • CreativeRich at Sep 18, 2014 01:54:17

      Hi Miri, Thanks for visiting my webpage. You are probably referring to the wedding invitation that I made for my wedding. Sorry, but I don’t have that template available yet. If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll be notified when I have it online. Thanks!

  31. Danys Setyawan at Oct 13, 2014 01:10:48

    Hi Rich, you’re AWEOSOME
    I really love your works, especially this wedding invitation popup cards. May ask you some questions :
    1. When I purchased this template, are those file format (I mean Template in SVG, STUDIO, PDF, KNK Format.) will be available for download or only just 1 file format?
    2. I found your wedding invitation popup cards more personal with the name of bride and groom inside the rings, can I put my name on it? And how am I supposed to do that? (I believe your file cannot be edited of course).


    • CreativeRich at Oct 13, 2014 07:11:14

      Hi Danys! You will get all versions of the template listed. You can print the template using the PDF file. You can use the other cards if you have a cutting machine. I would suggest cutting ou the name of the bride and groom separately and gluing it to the rings. Thanks for supporting my website!

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    [...] les découpes noires ont été faites dans un papier pailleté. J’ai testé la découpe de Creative pop up cards pour l’effet pop up des alliances, que j’ai modifié pour pouvoir le découper à la [...]

  33. sara atta at Jan 06, 2015 05:59:39

    Hi you are an amazing creative guy i really love all your fabulous cards but I m living in Morocco so how can get the cards if i buy them for the website

  34. Debbie Steinhaus at Jan 13, 2015 12:39:04

    Hello Creative Rich,

    Do you know if these templates will work on the Brother Scan N Cut CM550DX?

    Thank you,

    • CreativeRich at Jan 15, 2015 07:58:30

      Hi Debbie, Can the Brother Scan N Cut use SVG files? I’m assuming it does. If so, my templates should work. Thanks!

  35. Anusha at Mar 15, 2015 01:54:18

    Hi CreativeRich,

    I really liked the Popup Card-wedding invitation linked rings.But im unable to login to purchase the template.Please help me out :(


    • CreativeRich at Mar 16, 2015 09:32:30

      Hi Anusha, I just reset your password. Please check your email. Thanks!

  36. Evelyn at May 09, 2015 08:02:26

    hi, may i know the price for your templates is in which currency?

    • CreativeRich at May 10, 2015 10:25:06

      Hi Evelyn, The currency is in US dollars. Thanks!

  37. myrna at Aug 18, 2015 11:08:55

    I would love this invitation as my wedding invitation. How do i get a template with my fiances name and mine.

    • CreativeRich at Aug 22, 2015 09:29:05

      Hi Myrna, thanks for visiting my website. The easiest way to incorporate your names is to cut the out separately and glue them in afterwards. This way, you do not need to throw away a card if your lettering gets messed up.

  38. Ellariza Valmoria at Feb 15, 2016 04:44:33

    Hello, if i avail this template it is possible to change the name inside the ring? Thanks

    • CreativeRich at Feb 15, 2016 11:29:55

      Hi Ellariza, The template does not come with any names within the rings. Typically, you would cut out a separate name and attach it to the inside of the ring. Thanks!


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