New year, new cutting machine. Actually, I bought a new cutting machine back in November but have been too busy to open the box.

Why did I get a new cutting machine? I currently own the Klic-N-Kut Element, which is almost 4 years old. It still works pretty well, but it’s a little finicky, so I thought it was a good time to get a new machine. The second reason for getting a new machine is so that I can recommend a machine for those of you who want to make my cards, but do not want to hand cut them. Some of my cards are pretty intricate and would require a lot of patience to make by hand. Another reason to get a cutting machine, which is the initial reason I got one, is to make many cards. I bought my cutting machine to make invitations for my wedding. The money I saved making my own wedding invitations paid for the cutting machine. Also, many of you have asked me what machine I would recommend using, and since the Klic-N-Kut Element is outdated and can’t be bought anymore, I wanted to recommend a more recent model.

Why did I get the Silhouette Cameo over the others? There are quite a few new cutting machines out there. After doing some research, I narrowed my choice between the Silhouette Cameo and the Klic-N-Kut Zing. Both have great features and come in a really nice small form factor. I chose the Silhouette Cameo for 2 reasons. First, it is a lot cheaper than the Zing, so I’d rather recommend a machine that is more affordable. Secondly, I already have a Klic-N-Kut, and can make cutting files that will work with it, so I wanted to get a different machine so I can offer another option for anyone who didn’t have a Klic-N-Kut. I’m sure the Klic-N-Kut Zing works well.

What comes with the Silhouette Cameo? I created a quick video on unboxing the Silhouette Cameo that you can view here:

YouTube Preview Image

The Silhouette Cameo comes with the following items:

  • Silhouette Cameo cutting machine
  • Power cord
  • USB cord
  • Cutting blade
  • Cutting mat
  • $10 credit for
  • An instructional video CD
  • Silhouette Studio software
  • Quick start guide
  • Registration card and precautions information sheet

Here is an image of what came in the box:

I thought it would be a good idea to show you what the Silhouette Cameo looks like next to my old Klic-N-Kut Element.

The element actually weighs a lot more because, not only is it bigger, its housing is made of metal. The Cameo is a lot lighter because it’s made mostly of plastic.

So here’s my first impression of the Silhouette Cameo after having cut my first template with it. It works really well and is able to cut very fine details. There are a lot fewer controls to fiddle around with than my old cutting machine, which makes it a lot easier to use. We’ll see how well it works over time. The cutting mat is already tacky, which is nice since you don’t need to fiddle around with spray glues. But that also means you can’t control how tacky you want the mat to be. The Silhouette Studio software looks slick but seems somewhat limited. I’ll have to play it a little more. It currently does not read .pdf files but it can read .dxf files. I’ll have to convert my templates to .dxf or .studio(Silhouette’s file format) files in order for the machine to cut my templates. I may recommend a third party cutting software like Make the Cut or Sure Cuts A Lot. Overall, it worked well out of the box.

If you are considering getting a cutting machine to avoid cutting my templates out hand, you can buy the Silhouette Cameo from or from

For those of you who already have cutting machines, I’d like to know what machines you use and what file formats your machines can accept.


  1. Carol at Jan 04, 2012 05:31:48

    I was really annoyed to find out that the Cameo doesn’t support the plugin for Corel. It still will work using the printer driver–Corel treats it as if it were a printer–but the functionality is greatly reduced. Sigh. What is WITH these companies pushing us to use their proprietary file formats?

  2. eunice at Jan 06, 2012 01:28:11

    Bought me a Cameo for Christmas too! Looking forward to being able to learn and create with you!

  3. Tabatha at Jan 07, 2012 06:40:21

    Hi, Love your pop up cards. A lot of people use svg files if that helps. Me included :)

    • Creative at Jan 07, 2012 02:11:38

      I have a dumb question. Neither my KNK or Silhouette use .svg files. Do people have to use Make the Cut or Sure Cuts A Lot to cut with .svg files?

  4. Carol at Jan 07, 2012 03:28:16

    You can open it in Inkscape and save it as a DXF. Then open it with Silhouette Studio (or what do you have?)

    • Creative at Jan 08, 2012 01:00:53

      Yea, it reads dxf files. But why wont these cutting machines read svg files, which seem to be a very universal file format. I’ll check out Inkscape. Cutting directly from Inkscape…interesting.

  5. Carol at Jan 07, 2012 03:33:14

    Or cut directly from Inkscape by adding your Cameo as if it were a printer. At least I think you can! You can “print” to CraftRobo and it cuts on the print lines. File/Print/Add Printer. Add the Cameo. Then File/Print. Click the Preferences button. Some sort of box will open. Probably. For the Robo I get a box where I set the paper size and orientation, and set up the print and score lines.

  6. Carol at Jan 08, 2012 07:27:01

    Because they’re pushing their proprietary file formats. Which means you have to use their software.

    Most of the svg files floating around are drawn in such a way to work well with Cricut–that is, every shape is closed. Not a problem with shapes that ARE closed, but with lines, it means the line has to be drawn as a very flat rectangle. A straight line must contain FOUR control points (data points) rather than two. I wonder if my machine would cut it twice, trying to make a miniscule rectangle? For most files it’s probably a minimal issue, but it bugs me.

  7. Soraya at Jan 13, 2012 12:32:24

    congratulations on your new toy! hope it will bring you many hours of happiness

  8. Soraya at Jan 17, 2012 06:58:11

    I should have added that I have a black cat and use svg files

  9. Lu at Jan 28, 2012 01:49:54

    Hi, It’s been a LONG while since I’ve heard Fm YOU, so I went back to U-Tube
    to LOOK for Ur SPIRAL Hearts. I tried to re-sign up bur for some reason it says I’m already sign-up?????
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    I sure hope Your taking LOTS of Pictures! BY now YOUR LITTLE

    • Creative at Jan 28, 2012 07:54:11

      Hi! Yes, i’ve been busy with my little baby so i haven’t had time to post any new designs. Thank you for your kind wishes.

  10. Vasudha at Jan 28, 2012 03:00:28

    Umm..i wanted to ask about this machine…it directly prints from the computer+cuts or you have to print separately and put it the machine and then it cuts?

    • Creative at Jan 28, 2012 07:52:48

      Hi! The cutter only cuts. You can print on a standard printer, then use the cutting machine to cut the parts out.

  11. Tammy at Jan 30, 2012 10:13:44

    Whoo Hooo I really like this. I have the Cameo and the Zing too. I love your cards and congratulations on the new baby girl she is beautiful.
    I just had a baby grand daughter born Jan. 25 too. I can’t wait to see her.

    Thank you so much for your shares and your time for showing us how to put every thing together. I appreciate it.

  12. Tammy at Jan 30, 2012 10:21:15

    O I forgot to add I use SVG most of the time and I also have Studio Designer edition and it too can use SVG files if ppl want to spend the xtra money for Silhouette software and not have to buy a third party software. But I will give MTC a plug. You can import PDF’s in it and turn them into cutting files.

  13. sudiro at Feb 11, 2012 03:25:23

    im in can i get this stuff?because as i know this stuff is only sell in united states & canada

    • Creative Rich at Feb 11, 2012 04:46:18

      Hi Sudiro, You can purchase the templates using Paypal or a credit card. The files will be downloadable through your account on this website.

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  15. Jacquie at Feb 14, 2012 12:47:14

    Okay….I purchase the Sihouette ( Cameo ) machine, and then purchase your videos ( for the wedding ring card ) so that I can make these types of cards correct ?
    Would love to do this !

  16. john at Feb 23, 2012 04:31:55

    hey all,
    i bought the cameo and i want to cut out a few logos which are JPEG buti add it to the silhouette cameo software and press cut but nothing happens? what can i do to convert it to the right file and I’m using a MAC?

    • Creative Rich at Feb 24, 2012 05:47:59

      You will probably need to use a third party software like Sure Cuts A lot. The Silhouette Studio software is pretty basic and I dont think it has the function to trace the .jpg.

  17. Debbie Williams at Nov 08, 2014 12:47:45

    I have a Cricut Explore. I bought your templates many months ago and didn’t purchase the svg formats. However, I can scan in the pdf files to create .jpg files. I can use the Explore to convert them to .SVG files and hooray – I can cut using my Cricut Explore!

    • CreativeRich at Nov 09, 2014 11:06:02

      Hi Debbie! The SVG files are in the zip file when you purchase the template. I’m glad it worked for you.


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