Chris Natrop’s Large Paper Art Piece At LAX


I did a little traveling this 4th of July holiday.  I passed through Los Angeles Airport and noticed a very interesting art installation made of paper and colored lights.  The piece was fairly large, probably around 15-20 feet long, 5-6 feet wide and 8 feet tall and featured very large hand cut sheets of paper.  The artist, Chris Natrop, uses a utility knife to create organic, urban shapes, a style coined “knife-drawing.”  Here are a few images I took of the art piece.

Chris Natrop added color to his design with glitter, watercolor and colored lighting.  The overall artpiece has an urban jungle feel to it.   This style reminds me of an ancient Chinese artform called papercutting.  Apparently Chinese papercutting started in the 6th century.  Knife-Drawing and papercutting both use the same technique of removing the white space of a drawing with a knife, leaving paper where you would normally draw a line. These art styles relate very well with pop up card making and scrapbooking because images and lettering are “cut out” leaving shapes and forms out of paper.    I find Chris Natrop’s art very interesting because his pieces are so large and abstract.  I did a quick google search and found Chris Natrop’s Website.

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